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Order analysis and application orientated development

We characterize your products and are your point of contact for metrological issues relating to DIN / ISO standardized powder and dispersion analysis. We take over the analysis and test processing and advise you on the use of suitable measurement methods. We work in the areas of research and development as well as quality and process control for customers from a wide variety of industries. We develop and optimize formulations based on the raw materials, fillers and pigments you use. We are equipped with process engineering methods for this purpose, which enables us to characterize highly concentrated formulations.

We carry out technical dispersion development and provide answers to important questions:


  • How are dispersions stabilized and what effects does this have on their properties?


  • How can processes be influenced by formulation parameters?

You will receive our finished reports within just a few days.


Tel.: 02251-7848-352

Mobil: ++49 (0)172-9230562

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Analyse Pulver und Dispersion
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