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Titaniumdioxide pigment

Our Service
With access to state of the art research infrastructure and technical know-how we use comprehensive
process oriented TiO2 pigment data of a wide spread selection of available TiO2 resources worldwide to
address your inquiries from a scientific, technical, as well as economical perspective. We provide sampling,
and sourcing alternatives for various applications in the chemical, automotive and polymer industries to
provide optimal solutions for new and existing process demands.
Our Expertise
With 25 year combined expertise in pigment and dispersion technology we offers its proficient consulting, sampling and sourcing services to the TiO2 pigment industries. Existing worldwide networks and comparable application relevant data on all major TiO2 pigments and manufacturers enable us to provide you the optimal solution for pigment selection and TiO2 grade replacement.
Your Benefit
Access to all relevant information necessary for optimal pigment sourcing or replacement without adapting formulation parameters.
Comprehensive technical powder and dispersion laboratory and process analysis including sampling.
Analyse Pulver und Dispersion
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